El Paraiso Farm [World Famous Farm] Hikaru its unique process

There are countless coffee farms around the world.
There are coffee farms of various sizes and types in production regions around the world, from large farms run by global companies to ultra-small farmers who grow coffee in their gardens.
Among these numerous farms, with the rise of the idea of ​​specialty coffee that emphasizes traceability and locality, some coffee farms that have become world-famous, and can be said to have achieved stardom, have emerged.
These farms carry out very strict quality control on their own to improve the quality of their coffee, and also make efforts to ensure that the coffee beans from their farms are recognized for their special value, such as by implementing various new techniques in the post-harvest process. And I've been appealing to that.
As a place to appeal, it would be easy to imagine an auction venue such as COE (cup of excellence) (if you win a top prize there, you will instantly become a star farm).
We would like to introduce you to some of the world's best farms, which can be said to be exceptional.
First of all, let's talk about El Paraiso Farm in Colombia, which is currently attracting a lot of attention from professionals and many roasters are saying they would like to try roasting.

Coffee from El Paraiso Farm is loved all over the world.

Colombia's El Paraiso Farm is now popular all over the world. By carefully selecting and drying methods to create a unique flavor that can only be tasted here, it has gained support from roasters and coffee lovers around the world, and has become so popular that it becomes difficult to obtain every year.
El Paraiso Farm's double anaerobic fur has become famous all over the world due to its amazing results, which placed it in 10th place in Colombia's COE in 2018, and it was sold for more than twice the price of the first place lot. mentation.

The Cauca department, located in the Andes Mountains in south-central Colombia, where El Paraiso Farm is located, is very famous as a region that consistently produces specialty coffee of high quality standards. The altitude is 1700m.
Farmer Diego Samuel Bermudez has thoroughly researched post-harvest flavor creation and created new flavors using anaerobic fermentation and unique drying methods.
There are distinctive flavors such as lychee, lime, rose tea, and red fruit, and each lot is named after that flavor.

Anaerobic fermentation requires a complex process, making it extremely difficult to control flavor creation and reproduction. However, Mr. Diego, who has an insatiable inquisitive mind, skillfully manages his work and has become an expert in this selection method, to the point where he is called Colombia's leading anaerobic expert.
Each lot has a surprisingly strong flavor that is completely different from any coffee we've had before.
It is truly an experience that cannot be achieved without coffee from El Paraiso Farm.
The almost revolutionary flavor is the reason why it continues to attract so many people.

Revolutionary flavor created from a unique process

Among the many flavors available at El Paraiso Farm, the most representative and popular is the ``Lychee'' flavored lot.
The process for this lychee lot is to anaerobically ferment the cherries at a temperature of 18 degrees for 48 hours, and then anaerobically ferment them again at a temperature of 19 degrees for 96 hours after depulping. We use a time-consuming method of anaerobic fermentation in two stages, using cherries and parchment. This is called double anaerobic fermentation. In the washing process, first wash with hot water at 40 degrees, then wash at 12 degrees. It was then dried for 34 hours at a temperature of 35 degrees and humidity of 25 degrees, and the moisture content was adjusted to 11%. This complex process resulted in a unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.
From the moment you grind the coffee beans, you'll feel a refreshing aroma that makes you think you've shaved real lychees. The taste is characterized by a fresh citrusy acidity when roasted lightly. As the name suggests, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy a refreshing taste with a flavor reminiscent of lychee or peach.

By roasting medium, you get both of those flavors, but the acidity is lower than with light roasting. You can also feel a faint milky taste, and the addition of strawberry-chocolate flavors creates a well-balanced finish.

Regardless of the roast level, you can feel the distinctive flavor of the coffee, and you can enjoy the changes caused by the different roast levels. It's a coffee you'll want to try at least once.

El Paraiso Farm, popular among roasters

El Paraiso Farm's coffee receives enthusiastic support from roasters who are professionals in the field of coffee.
We have also received positive comments from roasters participating in CROWD ROASTER .
Coffee from El Paraiso Farm, which all roasters now want to roast ( Tanaka Yoshiya roaster/SPARK COFFEE)
A wonderful coffee that is sweet, juicy, and has a long, bright aftertaste. El Paraiso Farm's rose tea has the potential to make you want to roast it over and over again ( Fujiyama Hiroyasu roaster/FUJIYAMA COFFEE)
Speaking of El Paraiso, I think it's a coffee that has created an innovative field that is better known than other coffee beans and makes you say, "Oh, I know this!" ( Suzuki Kiyokazu roaster/GLITCH COFFEE)
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