Drip recipe asked by barista Takayuki Ishitani


Everyone has times when they don't want to make a mistake with hand drip.

Hand drip coffee is probably the easiest and most profound way to brew coffee. Equipment, amount/grind of beans, water temperature/amount, number of pours, extraction time... There are so many variables that it seems like there are infinite combinations. On the other hand, there are various methodologies and methods, and there is no correct answer in this world.

That said, part of the fun of drinking hand-drip coffee is trying out different recipes and tweaking them to your own.
(I have often had the experience of trying too many things and not knowing which one was good...)

I think everyone can agree with this, but personally, I'd like to try out various drip recipes as long as the coffee isn't too expensive and can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

However, if it's an expensive brand that you bought with the intention of enjoying it on a special occasion, you'll never feel that way. I would like to extract it using a drip recipe, which is the only correct answer and allows for the best flavor.

It would be best to ask a professional to teach you recipes that can be used in such situations. With that in mind, we asked Takayuki Ishitani, a professional barista who is a Japan champion barista and has achieved 4th place in world competitions, to teach us the basic recipe.
(Mr. Ishitani serves as an advisor for our service, CROWD ROASTER )

What he taught me is a basic recipe that can be used with any dripper.
It's definitely a good recipe to have on hand when brewing specialty coffee using hand drip.


・Grind: Medium fine grind
・Bean amount: 14g
・Amount of hot water: 210g
・Temperature: 90 degrees
・Procedure: Divide into 4 pours. The first dose is 30g, the second dose is 100g, and the third and fourth doses are 40g.
The editorial department immediately tried to extract it using this recipe.
It's definitely delicious compared to what I usually brew at home!
However, compared to the one brewed by Mr. Ishitani, it tastes far too small.
After all, even though a good recipe is an element that can be easily changed as a recipe, the technique is very important as a technique. I realized that the combination of both makes for a delicious coffee. Someday, I would like to be able to make delicate and brilliant extractions like Mr. Ishitani.

Started his career as a barista at a cafe in Tokyo in 2005, and became independent in 2012. He has been participating in the JBC (Japan Barista Championship) since 2007, and has won twice in 2017 and 2019. Aiming for a world championship while engaging in a wide range of activities such as training baristas and directing shops. He took 4th place in the World Barista Championship, which he participated in for three years due to the coronavirus pandemic. He has been participating in CROWD ROASTER as an advisor since its launch.


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