A cafe that values ​​the time spent with a cup of coffee [ CROWD ROASTER introduction example]

[ CROWD ROASTER introduction example] COUZT CAFE + SHOP

CROWD ROASTER 's coffee is also used by select restaurants.
I would like to introduce one of those stores.

Nezu is a popular spot in Tokyo that is full of the atmosphere of the old town, and is visited by many Hikaru .
In this area, where there are many cafes and coffee shops, there is a classic cafe that has been loved by locals and visitors to Yanesen for over 10 years since opening in 2009.
That is "COUZT CAFÉ + SHOP".

People of all ages and genders come to Coatsto Cafe, located a little off the main street in Yanesen, as a cozy cafe where you can stay for a long time after just a cup of coffee and enjoy an abundance of handmade sweets.

Some people come here twice a day to use it as a living room at home, and some even spend the whole day here, which shows how well-loved it is by the local community.

CROWD ROASTER 's coffee is served at the Court Cafe.
We asked the manager, Ayumi Miyata, about Courtesy Cafe, why she chose CROWD ROASTER , and the reactions from customers.

A cafe that specializes in coffee

``The concept of Coats Cafe is to be a cafe where you can relax and stay for a long time even just for a drink.We want everyone to have a relaxing and relaxing time at any time, whether it's during a quiet time or on a busy weekend. I'm doing my best to create a comfortable space."

``Yanesen is also a Hikaru spot, so the customer base is really diverse, including young people, families, and elderly grandparents.We want people to enjoy the menu and space that can only be found at Kotsuto. I get the impression that there are a lot of people who like that.It's not that they like just any cafe, but there are a lot of people who come for that purpose.''

Courtesy Café is characterized by its extensive drink menu, based on the concept that you can enjoy your meal with just one drink.

``We have a wide variety of drink menus, from coffee, tea, herbal tea to craft beer.We have four types of coffee beans, so if you like it, you can choose from a variety of different types. We allow different beans to be used, so there are people who drink a variety of them."

Although it is not a coffee specialty store, the store manager, Mr. Miyata, puts a lot of effort into coffee.He is a JCQA Certified Coffee Instructor Level 2, and has an original blend on the menu that bears his name.

``We want people to relax and drink coffee while reading newspapers or books, just like in an old-fashioned coffee shop, so we value coffee among our drinks.We also have our own blends, so I would say coffee is the most recommended. hey"

Mr. Miyata came across CROWD ROASTER when he was looking for light roasted straight coffee.

“The light-roasted single-origin brand that we had originally sold at the store was discontinued, so I was looking for a replacement brand. Through a certain connection, I learned about CROWD ROASTER , and I decided to participate in SCAJ2022 (World Specialty). I saw that the exhibition booth at the Coffee Conference and Exhibition (Coffee Conference and Exhibition) was very popular, so I thought I would talk to CROWD ROASTER , which is doing some really interesting things.They introduced me to some brands.”

Among them was ``[YBB] Colombian Santuario Farm Yellow Bourbon ''. When he encountered this brand, he was surprised by its uniqueness.

``It's a very unique bean, and it has characteristics that I've never tasted before, even among light-roasted beans.The owner, Tsubaki, and I were both surprised and thought it was interesting.Coffee is grown using only organic fertilizers and no pesticides. I felt that the fact that it is a farm that does a lot of farming, and that it was a good match with the store.”

Made through a process called Gold Wash, which includes anaerobic fermentation, this refreshing and unique brand has a rich citrus flavor and a slightly spicy flavor, and is available only at CROWD ROASTER .

We decided to add this light-roasted [YBB] to our menu as a coffee that would add a bit of an accent to our lineup of drinks and sweets.
What kind of reaction did you get from your customers?

Customer reaction

``On average, many of our customers prefer medium-dark to dark roasts.However, when they drink this [YBB], many of them say, ``It's delicious.'' We have a lot of customers. We have regular customers who like it so much that they order it every time."

Furthermore, it is said that people often appreciate the appeal of light roasting.

"We often receive comments from customers about the positive aspects of light roasting, such as ``It's gorgeous'' and ``It's refreshing and light.''Also, pairing it with sweets rather than just coffee alone creates a flavorful pairing. It changes things, so it's been very well received."

Another attraction of Kotsuto Cafe is its homemade sweets. In addition to the standard chiffon cakes and scones, the limited-time sweets that change every one to two months are also very popular.

``For example, the limited edition sweet around May is a rare cheesecake made with lavender herbs and white peach, and our customers liked it because it had a refreshing taste and was easy to pair with the light-roasted [YBB].

The limited edition sweet around June is apricot tofu with lychee jelly, which also has a refreshing and gentle taste, so it goes well with [YBB] among coffees. The flavor of chiffon cake, a standard sweet, changes every time depending on the person who makes it, but chefs who like citrus often use orange or lemon when making it, and it seems to go well with the citrus flavor [YBB]. I felt that this brand could be paired with sweets to enhance the flavor.”

Enjoyment unique to CROWD ROASTER

One of the characteristics of CROWD ROASTER is that not only are the quality of the coffee beans carefully selected, but all of the brands are traceable, so we are able to provide detailed information about the coffee beans.

We have also created stylish "brand cards" with detailed brand information for our customers, which we hand out to those who place an order at Courtsto Cafe.

This card is also provided, and it means that this kind of coffee and roaster are provided.

``Some people take it home with them because it's a stylish card, and some people read it with great interest.We also give roaster cards, so people read them for a while and then put them in their bags.'' I see Hikaru Kei.”

The most important feature of CROWD ROASTER is that the carefully selected brands are roasted by Japan's leading roasters.

The combination of carefully selected specialty coffee and Japan's leading roasters creates world-class quality coffee that can only be achieved by CROWD ROASTER .

We can change the combination of brand and roaster every period to enjoy variety, or fix the brand and change the roast, and of course, we can always provide coffee with the same taste, using first-class technology. Our roasters do the roasting, so we can accommodate any order.

“At Courtsto Cafe, we have a fixed brand name [YBB] and the roaster changes, but it is also a good idea to periodically change the combination of beans and roasters. It looks good depending on the store.”

A cafe that is easy to enter, has delicious coffee, and allows you to stay for a long time.
Courtesan Cafe and its manager, Mr. Miyata, have created exactly the kind of cafe you want in your neighborhood.

It's easy to see why this shop has been loved for so long in Nezu, a place where tradition is still alive.

Be sure to try CROWD ROASTER 's coffee at Courtsto Cafe, which is a great place to take a break while strolling around Yanesen.

If you are a restaurant or retailer who would like to serve CROWD ROASTER coffee in your store, please contact us below.
We will help connect shops with Japan's top-class coffee.

<Store information>
Court Cafe Plus Shop
2-1-11 Yanaka, Taito-ku
*6 minutes walk from Nezu Station/Yanaka Kitte Street

OPEN 12:00 - 20:00
Until 21:30 on Fridays only
Closed on Wednesdays