What is "the world's best coffee"? One sure solution.

The quest for the best coffee

What kind of coffee is the best coffee in the world? This is a question that every enthusiast has thought about more than once. Coffee is a luxury item, and even though there is no single answer, there is a certain romanticism associated with searching for the best coffee in the world that cannot be resisted.

However, in recent years, auctions such as COE (Cup of Excellence) have advanced the evaluation and scoring of specialty coffee brands by comparing them, and the coffee that ranks at the top of these evaluations is said to be one of the world's best coffees. As you know, it has become. Although this doesn't sound very romantic, it is true that high-quality brands of specialty coffee have become well-known thanks to common evaluation standards.

Within this system, coffee is recognized by many as the brand that reigns at the top of the list. There is no doubt that it is Geisha variety from Esmeralda Farm.

the legend of esmeralda

<Esmeralda Farm is a farm owned by the Peterson Family, which has roots in Sweden>

Esmeralda, Panama. The name of this farm has become a dream come true among coffee lovers around the world.
Geisha variety, which is synonymous with this farm, and only the highest quality coffee beans can be named Esmeralda Special (ES) is a must-see.

Although it is now a mythical episode, he won the ``Best of Panama'' auction in 2004 with an overwhelming reputation, and has won the championship for four years since then, an extraordinary award-winning record. Start of auction category exclusively for coffee from Esmeralda Farm. This was the beginning of the Geisha whirlwind that continues to this day.

However, the world's best Geisha and ES have never received such high scores.

Cultivation of Geisha seeds

< Geisha grown at Esmeralda Farm. We carry out thorough quality control to harvest only fully ripe beans.>

Geisha variety, which is native to Ethiopia, is known to be very delicate when it comes to cultivation.
It is susceptible to diseases such as rust (it suffered catastrophic damage in the 1970s), and suitable cultivation environments are limited. Geisha 's unique floral and jasmine flowers can only be produced if the following conditions are met: moderately high altitude, low temperature, appropriate sunshine hours, moderate rainfall (not too much), and fertile, well-drained soil with a pH value of about 5 to 6. This is because it is said that such flavors do not come out.

Even if it's Geisha , coffee that doesn't have that bright flavor is often due to the cultivation environment (of course, there are other factors along the way to the cup, and if the cultivar is Geisha in the first place). Even if there is a question of whether it is a species or not).

Esmeralda Farm is one of the few farms in the world suitable for growing these Geisha varieties, as evidenced by the fact that there are almost no other Geisha varieties with the same flavor.

Of course, Esmeralda Geisha 's value lies not only in the environment, but also in its various efforts to maintain quality and handiwork.

Esmeralda Special, the highest rank

<Cupping done at the farm. Depending on the results, it will be determined whether you will receive the highest grade of ES.>

Esmeralda Farm's Geisha varieties are divided into three brands: Esmeralda Special, Private Collection, and Geisha 1500.

The highest rank, Esmeralda Special, is a brand that can only be named by Geisha of special quality that is exhibited at private auctions. Awarded only to lots that are grown in both Jaramillo and Caña Verde areas at an altitude of 1,600m to 1,800m and have a cupping rating of 90 points or higher. Even at Esmeralda Farm, cup quality changes depending on climate, environment, and production timing, and it is said that less than 10% of the cups are top-of-the-top Geisha .

Esmeralda Special is the world's best Geisha and can be said to be a micro lot, as only the selected lots are given that name after a rigorous selection process.

By the way, like ES, the private collection is a blend of lots cultivated in areas between 1600m and 1800m, and although it is less than 90 points, it has the rich aroma of Geisha , which is grown at high altitudes in Esmeralda and has 87 to 90 points. A brand that you can feel the characteristics of. Geisha 1500 is Geisha grown in an area above 1400m, and although it is not a high-altitude cultivation, it is a well-managed lot.

best reason

Esmeralda Farm is one of the most prominent coffee farms in the world, and is in a unique position as this farm is being auctioned off as a single farm. Of course, the reason for this is the farm's efforts to bring out the rare Geisha variety and its flavor to an unrivaled level.
Esmeralda Farm's Geisha and Esmeralda Special offer you the best coffee experience in the world that you can't get with other coffees.
There is a certain charm that strongly attracts coffee lovers. And even now, it is the only brand that continues to make people want to try it at least once.


This time, a special product of Esmeralda Special roasted by Japan Roasting Champion Yoshiyuki Nakamura has been released!
The world's best Geisha x Japanese champion roast!
This is a special coffee that can only be enjoyed on this occasion. Enjoy this precious coffee!