CROWD ROASTER brand introduction (3) Kenya Kiamabara Coffee Factory

There may be some people who would like to participate in a roast event but find it difficult to do so because they do not know the characteristics of the brands.

This project introduces the CROWD ROASTER brand to such people.
The third installment is an introduction to "[ SL28 ] Kenya Kiamabara Coffee Factory".

Prestigious factory in Nyeri, Kenya

Nyeri district in Kenya is by far the most famous and high-quality coffee producing area.
This land, loved by roasters around the world, is home to many prestigious coffee factories.
One of them is Kiamabara Coffee Factory, which belongs to Mgaga Agricultural Cooperative.
This is a famous factory that is praised for having the firm sweetness typical of Nyeri.
Mgaga Agricultural Cooperative is made up of 900 farmers from nearby areas. Kiamabara was established near Karatina in Nyeri District in the early 1980s as a washing station to process the cherries they produced.
This factory strives to create a sustainable farm, aiming to stabilize production and improve quality through farm training and seminars. In addition, managers receive training every year and are proactive in incorporating the latest information.
Harvested cherries are brought to the factory as cherries. This is done in consideration of the use of high-performance factory pulpers for quality, equalization of production processing time, and the recycling environment of wastewater during the wet process.

Sweetness unique to Nyeri, [ SL28 ] Kiamabara Coffee Factory

We would like to introduce you to some impressive coffees produced at Kiamabara Coffee Factory, where you can really feel the local terroir.
This "[ SL28 ] Kiamabara Coffee Factory" consists of varieties SL28 and SL34, and is harvested at a high altitude of around 1600m.
The process is free-washed, and you can also feel a clean aftertaste.
Basic flavor: berry, apricot
After pulping (pulp removal), fermentation is performed overnight in parchment state and soaked. The pieces are then dried on an African bed for 7 to 15 days depending on the weather.
This process creates the complex flavor unique to this coffee.
You can enjoy the sharp presence of citrus fruits typical of Kenyan washed wine.
In addition to Nyeri's typical berry flavor, it has a creamy texture and apricot-like sweetness.
It is characterized by a complex flavor that leans towards sweetness.

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