Drip recipe recommended by CROWD ROASTER Usukura [Solid version]

hello everyone.
This is Usukura from CROWD ROASTER .

In this project, I would like to introduce some drip recipes that I have been using lately.

Don't you have days when you want to drink a strong cup of hot coffee because it's a hot summer?
We will introduce drip recipes that are recommended for those who always want to drink a refreshing coffee but sometimes want a strong coffee, and of course for those who like strong coffee on a regular basis.

In this article, we will introduce a drip recipe that aims for a ``solid taste.''

Use plenty of beans and time

Let me introduce the ratio right away.
The deeper the roast, the more intensely flavored the coffee will be, but this time we will use traditional medium-roasted coffee beans and create a richer flavor using the brewing recipe.
・Beans amount: 20g
・Extraction amount: 150ml
・Amount of water poured: About 200ml ・Extraction time: 2 minutes 30 seconds ・Water temperature: 91 degrees ・Grind: Medium grind

The key is to use plenty of beans and time.

When extracting coffee, indicators such as ``1:11'' and ``1:15'' are often used to determine how many ml to extract based on the amount of beans.
In the case of "1:11", if you use 20g of beans, you will drop 220ml.

This recipe uses a smaller ratio of 1:7.5 extraction to the beans than the commonly used ones.
There are various factors involved, so it's difficult to make a general statement, but the smaller the amount of coffee extracted from the beans, the stronger the flavor of the coffee will be.

Now let's look at the actual extraction procedure.
① Prepare 20g of beans and grind them to a medium level.

② Prepare about 300ml of 91 degree hot water.

③ Gently and carefully pour hot water from the center. (steamed)
   Pour the hot water carefully and carefully.
   Add about 30g of hot water.

④ Steam for 1 minute
  Longer steaming times tend to result in stronger coffee.
  Steaming time is often said to be about 30 seconds, but this time I will take it longer.

⑤For the second throw, draw a circle with hot water.
   For the second pour, pour hot water in a circular motion from the center outward.
   Don't rush, take your time and pour.
   The longer the extraction time, the easier it will be to create a coffee with a strong flavor.
   For this recipe, we recommend that the total brewing time is around 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

⑥After brewing, stir the coffee thoroughly and pour it into the warmed cup.
What do you think?
I make minor adjustments depending on the brand, degree of roasting, and the environment that day, but basically I control everything based on this recipe.

For this recipe, we especially recommend brewing with a medium to dark roast, a brand with a strong body such as Kenya or Tanzania, or a brand with a nutty aromatic flavor!

Please try it at home and let us know your opinions and impressions.
We will continue to share drip recipes!