CROWD ROASTER Usukura 's "African Cruise Kenya Edition" extraction recipe

The other day, CROWD ROASTER started selling a new Kenyan brand roaster's drink comparison set ``African Cruise Kenya Edition''. It has been very well received.
In order for you to enjoy the new brand [KKW] Kenya/Tim Factory/ SL28 /Washed, this set was baked by three talented roasters at different roast levels.
This set allows you to enjoy all the goodness of [KKW].

In this article, Usukura of CROWD ROASTER will introduce recommended extraction recipes for each to fully enjoy the "African Cruise Kenya Edition".

[Shallow roast] Tomomichi Morifuji ( RED POISON COFFEE ROASTERS )

Morifuji 's coffee is lightly roasted, so you can fully enjoy the flavor characteristics of the brand.

    Beans: 30g
    Extraction amount: 420ml
    Pouring amount: 600ml
    Extraction time: 2 minutes
    Steaming: 40 seconds
    Grind: Medium coarse grind
    Water temperature: 92 degrees

There are two points.

①Extract more than other roasting degrees

In order to successfully extract light roasted coffee, the amount (concentration) to extract is important.
If the extraction amount is low, it will be difficult to achieve the cleanness that light roasting has, and the acidity will be too sharp, making it difficult to enjoy the fruity flavor.
Therefore, we recommend extracting more than other roast levels.

② Make the grind coarser

In order to create the clear drinking experience that only a light roast can provide, we recommend grinding it coarser than other roasts.

[Medium roast] Shin Sano ( MAKOTO )

Sano 's coffee has an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity, and is a cup that you want to drink slowly until the end.
    Beans: 30g
    Extraction amount: 400ml
    Pouring amount: 600ml
    Extraction time: 2 minutes
    Steaming: 1 minute
    Grind: Medium grind
    Water temperature: 92 degrees
There are two points.

①Take more time to steam than other roasting degrees

Sano 's coffee is a cup that you should enjoy with its good balance of sweetness and acidity.
It is necessary to balance the acidity with the richness.
To achieve this, it is ideal to bring out the full flavor.
By allowing a longer steaming time, the flavor will be extracted slowly and it will be easier to get the full flavor.

②Pour with thick water

The more time you allow for steaming, the more intense the flavor will be. Therefore, by pouring thick hot water, we can adjust the concentration and aim for a well-balanced coffee.

[Dark roast] Yoshiyuki Nakamura ( mamepolepole )

Nakamura 's coffee has a bitter taste due to the degree of roasting, but thanks to Nakamura 's excellent roasting technique, there is no unpleasant bitterness or unpleasant taste, so you can enjoy it until the end without getting tired of drinking it. .
    Beans: 30g
    Extraction amount: 370ml
    Pouring amount: 550ml
    Extraction time: 2 minutes 15 seconds
    Steaming: 50 seconds
    Grind: medium grind
    Water temperature: 92 degrees

There are two points.

① Grind a little finer than other brands

Nakamura 's coffee this time is a cup that you can enjoy with the sweetness and richness that comes from the degree of roasting.
For this reason, we recommend grinding the coffee a little finer to make it easier to extract the flavor.

②Relax in hot water

In order to bring out the richness and drinkability that you are aiming for, we recommend pouring slowly with thin water.
By pouring slowly, you will be able to make coffee with a strong flavor, making it easier to create the rich drinking experience that you want to serve this time.

What did you think?
The recipes I introduced this time vary depending on the degree of roasting, but I think it would be interesting to brew all three brands using the same extraction method and compare them, and I think it would be interesting to brew the same brand using different extraction methods. I think it's fun to enjoy the different ways of brewing.

We will continue to release various drinking comparison sets, so please look forward to it!
Hiroto Usukura