This project introduces the details of each set of SCAJ2023 LIMITED BOX.

The 5th edition is "CHAMPION BOX".

A three-way set of roasters with the title of Japan's best!

``CHAMPION BOX'' is a set where you can taste and compare coffees baked by three roasters who hold the title of Japan's best.

This time I asked for roasting.

・mamepolepole Yoshiyuki Nakamura : Japan Roasting Competition JRC 2017.22 Champion FUKUSUKE COFFEE ROASTERY Takuya Miura : Gisen Japan Roasting Competition 1st Crack Coffee Challenge 2022 Champion Brewman Tokyo Hikaru Ono : Japan Brewing Competition Tournament JBrC2022 Champion

There are 3 people.

Please enjoy the roasting techniques of the three people who won the best roasting technique in Japan!

mamepolepole Yoshiyuki Nakamura

Mr. Nakamura roasted "[CT] Costa Rica/Ortiga Farm/ Caturra /Anaerobic Natural".

It has a unique flavor reminiscent of cinnamon and a body that is brought out by Nakamura 's roasting technique, giving it a complex impression.
[Recommended extraction recipe]
Beans: 30g
Extraction amount: 400ml
Pouring amount: 600ml
Extraction time: 2 minutes Steaming: 50 seconds Grind: medium-sized Water temperature: 92 degrees

The key is to make the water temperature higher than for other coffees.
This is a cup where you can enjoy the complex flavor created by Nakamura 's roasting technique.
To do this, it's important to make sure you have a variety of flavors.
Raising the water temperature tends to make it easier to extract many flavors.
Therefore, we recommend that you extract the water at a higher temperature.


Miura roasted "[GJE] Ethiopia/Guji/Uraga/G1/Natural ".

Miura 's [GJE] has a good balance of chocolate-like sweetness and berry-like acidity, making it a coffee that anyone can enjoy.
[Recommended extraction recipe]
Beans: 30g
Extraction amount: 400ml
Pouring amount: 600ml
Extraction time: 2 minutes Steaming: 1 minute Grind: medium-sized Water temperature: 90 degrees

The key is to take more time to steep the coffee than with other coffees.
Miura 's coffee is a cup that you should enjoy with its well-balanced taste.
To achieve this, it is important to have a good balance of various tastes without relying on one flavor.

Therefore, we recommend allowing more steaming time.
By doing so, the flavors will be extracted slowly and it will be easier to balance the various flavors.

Brewman Tokyo Hikaru Ono

Mr. Ono roasted "[ETH] Ethiopia ".

With a flavor reminiscent of strawberry, you can enjoy the richness and sweetness reminiscent of cacao in the aftertaste.
[Recommended extraction recipe]
Beans: 30g
Extraction amount: 370ml
Pouring amount: 550ml
Extraction time: 2 minutes 15 seconds Steaming: 50 seconds Grind: Medium-fine water temperature: 91 degrees

The key is to grind it finer than other coffees.
Ono 's [ETH] is a coffee that has a strawberry-like sweetness, but also a cacao-like richness.

By grinding finely, it becomes easier to express the richness.
Therefore, we recommend brewing it in a finer grain than other coffees.

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Hiroto Usukura