The strongest washing type born in Brazil [Coffee Fanatic Hitomi 's Deep Coffee World No. 5]

Hello! ! Coffee Fanatic Hitomi .

This time, I would like to introduce the Pinhalense system, which is the "strongest" wet mill in a sense!

The strongest system created only in Brazil

Pinhalense is a Brazilian facility manufacturer founded in 1950 that primarily manufactures coffee sorting equipment, and I think it's no exaggeration to say that they have probably built the most complete sorting system. Naturally, we manufacture select equipment for both Wet and Dry Mills, but since we are talking about Wet Process this time, I will explain Wet Mill Facility!
Ryo Mikami

Ryo Mikami

After graduating from Manabu , he worked at Starbucks for some reason, which led him to discover the potential of coffee. After many twists and turns, he joined a specialty coffee trading company. He was enlightened to the way of the fanatic, and is now involved in a wide range of work from commodities to specialties, including market analysis, visiting coffee producing areas, judging competitions, coaching competitions, extraction, roasting, and equipment proposals. He is also an advisor for CROWD ROASTER .