What is infused coffee? [Coffee Fanatic Hitomi 's Deep Coffee World No. 18]

Hello! ! Coffee Fanatic Hitomi ! !

This is the last time we will talk about production processing!

Up until now, we have explained washable, non-washable, pulped natural, etc., but the industry has evolved really quickly since the 2010s, and there are now many processes that we don't really understand. These production processes generally have a model, and ideas are often drawn from food industries that involve some kind of fermentation, such as the wine, cheese, spirits, beer, and sake industries.

Well, it's quite difficult to create something from nothing, so I guess you could say that the efforts of other industries are a source of inspiration!

So, for the final story on production processing, I would like to focus on the flavor addition technique, Infused Coffee.
Ryo Mikami

Ryo Mikami

After graduating from university, due to certain circumstances, he worked at Starbucks and encountered the potential of coffee. After many twists and turns, he joined a trading company specializing in specialty coffee. He opened his eyes to the Fanatic path and has been involved in a wide range of work from commodities to specialty products, including market price analysis, production site visits, product fair reviews, competition coaching, extraction, roasting, and equipment proposals. CROWD ROASTER advisor.