What is production processing? [Coffee Fanatic Hitomi 's Deep Coffee World Part 1]

Hello, this is Coffee Fanatic Hitomi .

I usually talk about coffee in detail on the Roast Design Coffee blog, but this time CROWD ROASTER also had the opportunity to write an article (∩´∀`) ∩

For the first series, CROWD ROASTER requested it, so I would like to talk about the production process, so-called "PROCESS", which is the method of extracting green coffee beans!

So, today we will talk about production processing!

What is production processing?

Ryo Mikami

Ryo Mikami

After graduating from university, due to certain circumstances, he worked at Starbucks and encountered the potential of coffee. After many twists and turns, he joined a trading company specializing in specialty coffee. He opened his eyes to the Fanatic path and has been involved in a wide range of work from commodities to specialty products, including market price analysis, production site visits, product fair reviews, competition coaching, extraction, roasting, and equipment proposals. CROWD ROASTER advisor.