Points to note when using Kalita Wave Dripper

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In recent years, a variety of coffee appliances have been introduced to meet the needs of people who want to brew more delicious coffee.

That being said, I also use different appliances depending on my mood and the brand of the day.

In a previous article , I introduced the basic characteristics of the "Kalita Wave Dripper".

In this article, we will explain how to actually extract coffee using the Kalita Wave Dripper and what to be careful about when brewing.

extraction recipe

The characteristics of Kalita Wave are its "uniformity" and "stability".
We are careful to create recipes that take advantage of this feature.
Bean amount: 20g
Extraction amount: 150ml
Pouring amount: 200ml
Steaming time: 45 seconds Extraction time: 1 minute 45 seconds

Things to be careful about when extracting

There are two points to keep in mind when extracting.

① Use a large amount of beans

We recommend using a larger amount of beans than in a typical recipe.
One of the features of Kalita Wave is that it has three holes on the bottom.

Because there are 3 holes, the hot water will drain faster than with 1 hole.
Because it falls off quickly, the ingredients tend to fall off without being fully extracted, resulting in weak coffee.

Therefore, by using a large amount of beans, we aim to compensate for the thinness and achieve a finish that has a strong flavor.

② Hold the filter firmly parallel to the

In order to achieve the "uniformity" and "stability" that are the advantages of the wave dripper, the placement of the filter is very important, although it is a small detail.

Place the filter so that it is flat when looking at the dripper from the side.
If it is tilted diagonally at this time, adjust it so that it is firmly parallel.

If the filter is placed at an angle, the hot water will flow more easily towards the tilted side, making it difficult to extract evenly.

Make sure to check the filter carefully before extracting.

What did you think?

Kalita Wave has a uniform flavor that is easy to pick up, so it seems to go well with well-balanced brands and brands that want to enjoy a satisfying drink.

For CROWD ROASTER brands, drink well-balanced and easy-to-drink brands such as "[ SL28 ] Kenya/Kiamabara/ SL28 /Washed" or "[SJBA] Brazil/San John Grande/ Bourbon /Anaerobic." We recommend using it whenever you want.
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Please try out various equipment and find the one that suits you!
We will continue to introduce various equipment and extraction methods to everyone.
Hiroto Usukura