What is the difference between yellow, gold, and black? Costa Rican Honey Process [Coffee Fanatic Hitomi 's Deep Coffee World No. 16]

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In the Pulped Natural Production Processing section, we will continue to introduce the honey process!

[Variation of honey process in Costa Rica]

・White White
・Gold/Red/Black Gold/Red/Black
・Anaerobic/Culturing Anaerobic/Culturing

Last time I explained White Honey, so I would like to start with Yellow!

[Yellow Honey]

Light brown = yellow? ?

Yellow honey is the most standard honey process.

The basic process steps are almost the same as for regular pulped naturals. When using a channel, the mucilage is somewhat water soluble and because it rubs against the channel and other parchment, its content is slightly reduced. If this is the case, you can probably dry it directly on a raised drying rack called a suspended patio (African bed) without having to pre-dry it.
Ryo Mikami

Ryo Mikami

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