Basics of Pulped Natural [Coffee Fanatic Hitomi 's Deep Coffee World No. 14]

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So far, we have talked about washable type = Washed and non-washable type = Natural. From now on, I would like to explain the last part, "Pulped Natural."

Pulped Natural is spelled as Pulped = pulp removed and Natural = natural, so the base meaning is close to natural. Also, given the name, does it mean that the drying process is natural? (/・ω・)/? ? ?

However, according to former BSCA president Silvio Leite, fruit that has undergone depulping (those that have been subjected to Pupler) is treated as "Washed" in Brazil. Therefore, in Brazil, where Washed Process coffee is not common, Pulped Natural is almost treated as a wash type.
Ryo Mikami

Ryo Mikami

After graduating from university, due to certain circumstances, he worked at Starbucks and encountered the potential of coffee. After many twists and turns, he joined a trading company specializing in specialty coffee. He opened his eyes to the Fanatic path and has been involved in a wide range of work from commodities to specialty products, including market price analysis, production site visits, product fair reviews, competition coaching, extraction, roasting, and equipment proposals. CROWD ROASTER advisor.